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Try these tips to have better digestion and prevent bloating issues etc


Posted on : 22/Oct/2020 9:58:26 AM

It is important that we all must have proper digestive health and by that we could be free from many health issues. People these days suffer from improper digestive health.

The process of breaking down large insoluble food molecules into small soluble molecules so that they could be absorbed into the blood plasma is termed as digestion. Truth is that some changes in the eating habits could lead to improper digestive health. Improper digestion could result in acidity, bloating and constipation issues are well known.

There are few tips that we must follow for our digestive health to be good. These are

By providing body with instant energy source:
This is very important and must be followed without fail. By starting the day with soaked raisins or fresh fruits etc, we could feel better. After a long period of fasting, our body would get an instant source of energy by consuming the above after getting up.

By replacing tea/coffee with lemon water or buttermilk:
Intake of lemon water or buttermilk could improve our digestive health to a great extent. Hence, we must replace one cup of tea or coffee with lemon water or buttermilk.

By drinking enough water:
Water is essential and we must consume enough water for the digestive health to be good. It is a known fact that by consuming enough water we could prevent dehydration.

By taking afternoon nap:
It is believed that by taking a short nap for about 20 minutes after lunch would improve our digestive health.

By doing yoga:
Many these days do yoga for their overall health to be good. It is revealed that our digestive health could become better by practising yoga daily.

By beginning the day with banana:
The presence of iron, vitamin B6 and fibres in bananas would make the digestive health superb. Hence, we must take bananas everyday in the morning. Our hunger pangs would be controlled for a longer time by intake of bananas.

By eating curd rice:
It is worthy to note that curd rice is a combination of probiotic as well as prebiotic foods and eating curd rice would be good for digestive health.