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For managing or curing diabetes, consume these amazing herbs

Posted on: 21/Jan/2019 10:47:26 AM
Would you believe this!! As per the latest piece of news India ranks second in the list of countries with most diabetes affected people. It is said that as many as 70 million Indians are having diabetes issue in them.  It is important to mention here that intake of healthy diet plus lifestyle and exercise play a huge role in controlling our blood sugar levels and in managing diabetes issues in us. People having diabetes in them show symptoms like fatigue, increased hunger, frequent urination etc is known.  By adding some herbs to our diet, we could manage our diabetes well and lead a happy life.

Please consume these herbs to manage or cure diabetes.

Fenugreek consumption:

Belonging to the family termed ‘Fabaceae’, fenugreek leaves have three small obovate to oblong leaflets. In Tamil fenugreek is called as ‘Vendhayam’. It was shown by the studies that intake of fenugreek had huge impact on the blood sugar levels in us and diabetes is managed.

Cinnamon consumption:

A spice is got from the inner barks of tree species of ‘Cinnamomum’ and this spice is cinnamon. Known for its superb aroma, cinnamon is used as flavouring additive in many cuisines. It has got remarkable properties to cure cold and cough is known. Diabetes in adults could be controlled by intake of cinnamon.

Tulsi consumption:

Also called as holy basil, tulsi belongs to the family called ‘Lamiaceae’. It is revealed that eating or chewing basil leaves or tulsi leaves could help in controlling diabetes issue effectively by increasing the insulin secretion and by lowering the blood sugar level.

Aloe vera consumption:

We all know that aloe vera is superb for our skin and hair care. Not many know the fact that aloe vera could be highly effective in treating diabetes also. By consuming aloe vera juice our blood sugar levels gets lowered well. In Arabia the sap from the aloe vera leaves have been used to treat diabetes issue.          

Curry leaves consumption:

These leaves are called as ‘Karuveppilai’ in Tamil. Mostly used by the south Indians in cooking, curry leaves plays a huge role in lowering the blood sugar levels. Hence intake of curry leaves is essential.