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Initiative titled ‘Doctors for clean air’ launched in TN

Posted on: 21/Jan/2019 10:08:27 AM
Air pollution has been increasing day by day and is creating many health issues for the people. To address the health implications due to this air pollution, an initiative called ’Doctors for clean air’ was launched on Sunday, 20th January 2018 in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. This initiative was launched by as many as 60 doctors and by this initiative medical community would be brought together. It is said that empowerment of doctors plus creating awareness on the public about the side effects of air pollution would be carried out.

The important point is working with the state level policy makers towards formulation and implementation of air pollution control policies and laws would be one of the main aims of the network of doctors. Just a month ago in New Delhi national launch of this network of doctors took place and it made huge noises. Now the TN state launch of the network is grabbing the attention of many.

According to Dr. Arvind Kumar, director, centre for chest surgery at Sri Ganga Ram Hospital, air pollution has become health emergency in India. He spoke about how through this amazing initiative passionate and trained doctors would be brought together. These doctors would lead the fight against air pollution in their respective regions in India.

Founder of HUMA Lung Foundation and senior pulmonologist, Dr. Hisamuddin papa, spoke his heart out on this. He pointed out about how Tamil Nadu is one of the most industrialised states with many cities and how these cities are hotspots for air pollution. He then explained the air pollution in places like Ennore and Manali in Chennai and said in these places the levels of air pollution is worse than New Delhi also and not much attention has been given. It is important to note that the indifference or apathy of regulatory agencies towards environmental health of TN could be seen from the fact that the recently launched National Clean Air Program of MoEFCC has one city from the state as non-attainment city. Dr. Hisamuddin Papa then added that Chennai inspite being polluted severely was not included in the programme.