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Be aware of these positive habits at dinner that would improve your health!!

Posted on: 26/Feb/2024 9:19:02 AM
By eating meals at the wrong time, our metabolic system would get affected. It is noteworthy that the liver is one of the major metabolic factors in the human physiological system. Liver works closely with the circadian rhythm of the body clock and helps the formation of glucose. It is true that eating meals at the right time would support the liver in optimal functioning.

Our digestive system would function in a proper manner if we eat dinner early at sunset. This would be because of the fact that our inner clock sets down on a different metabolic phase. Various advantages of eating an early diner would be effective digestive function, effective bowel movement, effective liver functioning etc.

Various positive habits at dinner that would improve our health are

Eating dinner before sunset or before 7pm:

It is believed that eating dinner early would be beneficial for digestion and metabolism. By early dinner, our body doesn`t have to work extra hard during sleeping. There would be time for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body.

Avoid oily and fried foods:

Truth is that dinner must be light and easy to digest. During dinner, fat doesn`t get digested well due to less bile production. It must be noted that the liver would be in anabolic phase  

Hydrate well:

It is important to drink warm soups during dinner for hydration sake. This would help in easy digestion also. Gut flora would get nourished when we eat fibre rich vegetables during dinner.

Avoid animal proteins:

As the liver would be in the build up phase, it would not support digesting animal fat. As a result, digesting animal protein would take a lot of effort. Point is that this could lead to lingering partial digestion of protein in the gut.

Intake of millet based flour at dinner:

The gut flora would get nourished when we eat millet based flour during dinner. It must be noted that these are rich in micronutrients etc. We could get sound sleep also because of this.

Eating with mindfulness:

After a long hectic day, it would be good to eat a nutritious light dinner. This would help us to unwind well.

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