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To improve your heart health, please drink these without fail!!

Posted on: 01/Oct/2022 6:34:34 PM
On 29th of September 2022, World Heart Day was celebrated is well known to us.

This particular day is meant to create awareness regarding the heart diseases, warning signs of heart diseases and ways to avoid them etc. Point is that this day was established by the World Heart Federation in association with the World Health Organisation.

Heart is a very important organ in our body and any issue in the heart health would lead to death also. It is worth mentioning here that heart attacks along with kidney issues and cancer form the 3 most health issues that lead to the majority of deaths across the globe. If diagnosed early, then 80% of deaths related to cardiovascular issues could be prevented.

These below mentioned drinks could improve our heart health to a huge extent.

Intake of pomegranate juice:
The presence of antibodies in this pomegranate juice would prevent the hardening of the arteries. This would in turn prevent heart attacks etc. The polyphenols present in this juice would stimulate blood circulation and lower inflammation. Pomegranate juice intake would also lower the blood pressure and slow down the oxidation process etc.

Intake of coffee:
Our heart health would become better by drinking coffee. Intake of coffee would lower the risk of heart failures and other cardiovascular diseases etc.

Intake of ajwain water:
It is believed that by intake of ajwain water there would be calcium channel blocking effects and it would reduce the BP of the person. Pharynx as well as the lungs would be kept clean and asthma persons would be able to breathe freely. The health of the heart would get boosted by drinking ajwain water.

Intake of papaya juice:
Papaya juice has got antioxidants plus vitamins like A, B and C etc.  This would lower the risk of heart ailments in us. It is believed that the presence of lycopene and vitamin C in this juice would improve the blood flow and heart health would be boosted.

Intake of hibiscus tea:
There would be reduction in the risk of cardiovascular diseases by drinking hibiscus tea and this is due to the antioxidants present in this tea. The damage due to build up of free radicals gets prevented and BP gets lowered. Both systolic as well as diastolic BP would get reduced.

Intake of tomato juice:
The heart disease would be fought by drinking tomato juice with vitamins and minerals etc present in it. The blood would be circulated well due to the presence of  vitaminins C and E plus due to the presence of iron, potassium and magnesium etc. The arteries would get strengthened by lycopene present in the tomatoes. It would also lower cholesterol and help us to avoid heart diseases etc.

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