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These persons must never consume ghee as it would lead to health issues, take care!!

Posted on: 30/Sep/2022 6:46:23 PM
We all would have consumed ghee in our lives!!

A product prepared from animal milk is ghee. It is true that ghee is used as cooking oil in countries like India, Pakistan etc. Butter is boiled until water has evaporated and then milk solids would settle down at the bottom. In this way, ghee is made. It is also known as knei in Tamil. Ghee is rich in omega 3-fatty acids and it could be made out of different kinds of milk like cow, goat and buffalo etc.

By eating ghee, a person could get numerous benefits like improved immunity levels, anti-inflammatory properties, treat burns, good  for skin health etc. By regular intake of ghee, kids could have improved eye health also. Not many of us would be aware of the fact that intake of ghee is not everyone. There are persons with some health issues and these persons must not consume ghee.

Persons with these health conditions must avoid intake of ghee.

Persons with milk allergy:
Persons who have got milk allergy must refrain from eating ghee which is a milk product. It is ok if these milk allergy persons eat ghee in moderate amounts if they are unable to avoid ghee totally. It is noteworthy that persons with milk allergy could get symptoms like rashes, hives, diarrhoea and vomiting when they eat ghee.

Persons with heart issues:
Heart disease risk could become more when a person eats ghee having oxidised cholesterol. The person could get heart attacks due to the presence of oxidised fats in ghee.

Persons with liver ailments:
Though intake of ghee would not lead to liver issues but it could cause serious problems if a person with jaundice or fatty liver or GI pain consumes ghee. It is advised to consume ghee in strict moderation.

Persons with obesity:
Persons who are on a weight loss diet must be careful in consuming ghee. They can consume 2 teaspoons of ghee but more intake is dangerous. It could lead to weight gain in them. The presence of CLA or conjugated linoleic acid in ghee would help in weight loss but it could also lead to obesity as it is a calorie rich food.

Pregnant mothers with digestive issues:
Pregnant mothers must avoid consuming too much of ghee as it could lead to indigestion and bloating etc. Though ghee is a laxative, they could find it difficult to digest.

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