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Be careful!! - When we eat excess proteins then these will happen to our body!!

Posted on: 21/Oct/2021 9:49:03 AM
For energy satiation, for building and repairing muscles etc, proteins plays a crucial role in us.

It is known that proteins are made up of amino acids that are building blocks of tissues like muscles, hairs, nails, blood vessels etc. For our body to function properly hormones and enzymes are necessary and proteins help in the production of these. High protein diets have become very popular these days due to its health promoting properties.

It is mentioned that for every one kilogram of our body weight we need one gram of proteins and excess intake of proteins could lead to health issues in us.

These would happen to our body if we consume excess proteins.

Truth is that our kidneys have to work double time hard to flush out when we consume more proteins. This would lead to dehydration in us and we would be very thirsty. By dehydration, we would lose important minerals like sodium, potassium etc. This dehydration issue could be overcome by eating fruits and vegetables with high water content.

Bowel based issues:
The healthy flora of the gut or GI tract gets wiped out easily by the intake of high protein and low carbohydrate foods. The reason for that is enough pre-biotics are not consumed. This could lead to bowel issues in us like diarrhoea, constipation etc. There are possibilities of stomach cramping and bloating etc also.

Mood swings:
By eating more proteins means we are not eating enough carbohydrates. This would affect our mood due to lesser serotonin levels in us. The person would feel sluggish and dull throughout the day.

Increase in weight:
Our gut flora would get damaged by consuming lesser carbohydrates and this would lead to digestive issues. Truth is that a person consuming excess proteins would consume more animal proteins. This could be highly nutritious but they would make us to gain weight. Therefore, it is essential to include lean proteins and carbohydrates for balancing.

Bad breath:
Those who consume excess proteins would have bad breath issue. Body experiences ketosis state when on low carbohydrates and excess proteins. In this state, the body would have churned out all the stored carbohydrates and is burning fats for energy. This could lead to bad breath issue.

High cholesterol levels:
Bad cholesterol levels in us would get increased if we consume excess proteins. By this, we could get heart based issues. It would be good to consume low fat milk, egg whites and plant t based proteins etc.

By excess protein intake, w e could feel fatigued. It must be noted that the proteins are meant to keep us energised but they could also lead to fatigue.  Brain would get signal regarding the lack of energy when we consume more proteins and less carbohydrates. This would lead to tiredness and would make us feel fatigue all the time.

Hungry and angry or hangry:
When the bodys needs are not fulfilled, then it would result in hangry that is hungry and angry. It is not good to take excess proteins and avoid others like carbohydrates, fats, fibres etc.