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Do you get frequent bruising - These could be the reasons!!


Posted on : 22/Oct/2021 9:53:22 AM

Some bruises are caused while others appear on their own without any cause. Bruises mostly occur in older persons when compared to younger persons. It is important to note that bruises could be due to the outcome of a tissue injury and this would result in skin discolouration. When blood gets trapped under the skin mostly due to an impact, then bruises would occur in us.

An injury could lead to bleeding under the skin and there would be damage to the blood vessels and this could lead to bruises in us.  Persons could get bruises in them due to reasons like medications and due to the presence of certain health conditions.

Various reasons for frequent bruises in us are

Bleeding disorders:
It must be taken into note that certain cancers associated with blood or bone marrow could lead to bruises. Body must produce enough platelets to stop bleeding blood vessels. When a person has leukaemia then he or she does not produce enough platelets and this would lead to bruises. Truth is that bruises due to leukaemia are however no different from bruises due to other reasons but they would be seen at unusual areas in the body.

Excess intake of alcohol:
A person could get liver cirrhosis if he or she consumes excess alcohol. The production of protein from the liver would become limited when liver diseases progress and become more complex. It is known that protein from the liver helps in the clotting of blood. The limited protein from the liver could lead to excessive bleeding and to bruises etc.

Deficiency of vitamin C:
When we are deficient in vitamin C then we could get scurvy. We would have painful bleeding gums plus unexplained wounds and easy bruising. Point is that lack of vitamin K could lead to sudden increase in the bruise marks on the body. This vitamin K plays a huge role in the formation of blood clots and it stops bleeding in us.

Blood thinning medications:
Blood clots get prevented when a person takes blood thinners aspirin. This would make the person bleed more and would result in bruises. It is important that we must avoid taking blood thinners unless advised by the doctors.

Sometimes, our blood vessels become inflamed and this is called vasculitis. The vasculitis condition could lead to bleeding and bruises in us plus it would also lead to shortness of breath, numbness etc.




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