Gold Rate Decreased Today Morning (20.04.2024)   |   Sensational!! Senior citizens surprise many by turning up to vote despite extreme heat and their issues!!

Singapore gold/silver rates

 Singapore Gold Rate
Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 k)
1 grm 1 grm
20/April/2024 101.40 112.00
19/April/2024 101.00 111.70
18/April/2024 100.00 110.46
17/April/2024 100.00 110.46
16/April/2024 100.00 110.46
15/April/2024 100.00 110.46
14/April/2024 99.40 109.70
12/April/2024 100.70 111.80
11/April/2024 100.30 110.00
02/April/2024 94.50 104.70

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