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Gold rate in Delhi: Live Chennai present to you today gold rate in Delhi. Here, we provide you the exact gold rate in Delhi of 22 Carat as well as 24 Carat. These gold rates are legitimate and up-to-the-minute. We have the rates displayed in different forms including 1 gram gold rate in Delhi, 8 grams gold rate in Delhi. Also, the difference in gold price as compared to the previous day is clearly put up.

  Delhi Gold Rate

Date Pure Gold (24 k) Standard Gold (22 K)
1 grm 1 grm
23/September/2023 6010.00 5510.00
22/September/2023 5994.00 5500.00
21/September/2023 6020.00 5520.00
20/September/2023 6037.00 5535.00
19/September/2023 6037.00 5535.00
18/September/2023 6021.00 5520.00
17/September/2023 6004.00 5505.00
16/September/2023 6004.00 5505.00
15/September/2023 5982.00 5485.00
14/September/2023 5999.00 5465.00

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Gold Rate in Delhi

There is no denying to the fact that gold is a much sought-after metal in Delhi. The yellow metal gets sold in different forms: gold coins, jewelries, bullion, etc. Often times, the idea of buying gold in Delhi is to signify one's status and wealth and to follow traditional system of investment.

In India, gold trade and gold rates in Delhi has a huge impact on the whole. Gold is widely purchased not just for personal celebrations like wedding or birthday parties, but also for events like Akshaya Tritiya when there are a lots of discounts, slashed rates, exciting offers and more to entice the customers.

Coming on to the elements that determine the gold rate in Delhi, there are many:
State taxes
Local taxes
Transportation taxes
Additional costs incurred by jewelries in Delhi
There are a lot of factors that impact gold purchase. This includes monsoon, harvest season, etc.

Gold investment in Delhi

There are a lot of people who love to buy gold as a form of investment. Gold has consistently been breaking the inflation for years, say experts. Hence, they suggest, customers should not get too much involved in buying gold in short term.

Buying gold coins in Delhi

There are a lot of private gold sellers and banks including SBI that sells gold coins. This largely reduces the likeliness of fraudulence in gold purchase. These coins are available in different sizes ranging from 2 to 50 grams. As far as buying gold coins is concerned, the purity of gold is assured, but there is no guarantee in buying back the coins though. This is one of the most important reasons for buyers to opt for gold jewelries than coins. Furthermore, buyers will have to pay out extra sum towards premium for buying gold coins from banks.

Exchange Traded Fund

ETF is Exchange Traded Fund. This extends gaining in long term after 1 year. After 3 years time, one can make long term gains out of physical gold. This will not have any risk of getting stolen and has no hassles to store. It is also not subject to taxes like wealth tax or VAT.


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