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Spectrum Physio Centre
Name: Dr. Dhanajeyan jayavel
Experts Zone: Physiotherapist

Chief Physiotherapist: Spectrum Physio Centre
November 1999 - Present (15 years 5 months)
Director- Spectrum Physio Centre: Spectrum Physio Centre
December 1999 - Present (15 years 4 months)Bengaluru Area, India
Spectrum Physio Centre provides best physiotherapy and rehabilitation in 2000 sq ft with ultra modern facilities in the premises of sita bhateja speciality hospital, well know hospital for last 47 yrs.
Founder: Bangalore Physiotherapists Network

My Business: Spectrum Physio Private Limited Spectrum Physio Centre with many locations in bangalore, We provide physiotherapy at our locations and client locations . Our Services: Out Patient Physiotherapy In Patient rehabilitation for stroke & Paralysis Home care Physiotherapy Corporate Consultation and ergonomic advice Sports training and on filed injury management Pregnancy exercise programme Geriatric physiotherapy Cyclist & Runners physiotherapy

Physiotherapist: spectrum physio centre

Our Panel Of Experts

Mr. J Sampath
Website Development
Mr. T.R.Srinivasan
Service tax Consultant
Mr. M.S.Rajesh
Audio-Video-Visual Media
Mrs. Usha Sree
Health & Wellness, Fitness Trainer
Mr. Shaji M.Simon
Travel Agent
Mr. S.Vilvam Sudhakar
Car Accessories
Mr. Andal P.Chockalingam
Vastu Consultant
Dr. Dhanajeyan jayavel
Mr. Chaman Golecha
Gems and Jewellery
Mr. S.P.S.Murali
Insurance Consultant
Mr. V.Madhusudan
Financial Services
Mr. M.Rathina Paul
Food Products
Mr. S.Sakthivel
Mr. V.V.SampathKumar
Accounting, Taxes
Mr. Nambi Arulkannan
Building Monitoring and Quality
Mr.G.I Ameen
Photography & Video Imaging
Interior, Home Furnishings
Trades, Electrical Consultant
Manufacturer of Rubber components
Mrs.Anusha Balakumar
Trades & Solar
Outsourced accounting advisory
Mr.A.Magimai Pragasam
Leadership Development
Mr.S.Anand Saravana Raj
Employment Agency
Interior, Lighting
Mr.Babu Vincent
Property Management
Mr.J.Bhadri Narayanan
Printing Services
Mr.CA. Aruloli P.R.
Chartered Accountant
Mr.A.Gobi Chandar
Property Search

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