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Chennai to Introduce Integrated Ticketing System for Seamless City Travel!

Posted on: 09/Jul/2024 3:48:15 PM
Chennai`s Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA) is set to launch an Integrated Ticketing System (ITS) aimed at simplifying city-wide travel across buses, metro trains, and suburban trains. Scheduled to debut for city buses and metro trains by December this year, the system will extend to suburban trains by March 2025.

The development of a mobile app by Moving Tech Innovations Private Limited is central to this initiative. This app will enable passengers to purchase a single ticket for journeys involving multiple modes of transport, ensuring seamless transfers using a QR code for validation.

Moreover, Chennai Metrorail`s National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) will soon be compatible with MTC buses. Upgraded electronic ticketing machines in city buses will accept payments via NCMC cards, significantly enhancing convenience for commuters using diverse modes of transport.

The app will further offer real-time location updates for MTC buses, metro trains, suburban trains, and MRTS, empowering passengers to choose the fastest route to their destinations.

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