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Soon, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change will give EC for Parandur airport!!

Posted on: 20/Jun/2024 9:04:50 AM

The sensational piece of news is that the EAC or Expert Appraisal Committee of the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change would be discussing providing EC or environmental clearance for the Greenfield Parandur airport project. This comes at a time when the villagers belonging to Parandur have been considering seeking asylum in the state of Andhra Pradesh as their lands would be acquired for setting up of Greenfield airport.

On 28th June 2024, 128th meeting of EAC would take place and a decision would be taken at this meeting. It must be recalled that TIDCO or TN Industrial Development Corporation Limited has proposed to build a new airport 5369 of agricultural land, water bodies and habitations of 134 villages around Parandur.

On 14th March, TIDCO submitted a revised application for EC for the mammoth Rs 32000 cr project and on 17th May the Ministry accepted that for scrutiny. It was mentioned by TIDCO in the application that wildlife clearance was not needed as there were no eco-sensitive areas within 10km distance from the airport site. 

The application added that there was no CRZ, biosphere, critically polluted area or state or national boundary within 10km distance from the airport site. As no forest land was involved, forest clearance was not required.

Information is that Parandur Lake(man-made wetland)was spread across 201 hectares and was situated at a distance of 14km from the airport site. According to TIDCO, the second airport at Parandur near Chennai would provide both direct as well as indirect benefits to many.

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