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Vande Bharat Train to Connect Chennai, Puducherry, and Tirupati in February 2024

Posted on: 19/Aug/2023 12:03:30 PM
In an effort to boost tourism in Puducherry and facilitate easier travel, a Vande Bharat train is set to commence operations between Chennai and Puducherry in February of next year. This initiative aims to attract tourists and enhance connectivity to Puducherry, a picturesque coastal destination.

As part of this comprehensive plan, a new Vande Bharat train service will link Puducherry with the sacred city of Tirupati via Chennai. This train service, aptly named the "Puduvai Vande Bharat Train," will follow a route from Puducherry to Chennai, passing through Villupuram and Madhuranthakam, before continuing from Chennai to Tirupati via Arakkonam. The launch date for this service is scheduled for February 2024.

Traditionally, travelers from Puducherry to Tirupati had to take a circuitous route through Vellore, passing via Villupuram and Tiruvannamalai. However, with the introduction of the Puduvai Vande Bharat Train, passengers will have a more direct and convenient option.