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Around 26th May, once again Chennai will become hot!!

Posted on: 20/May/2023 9:24:38 AM
After blazing heat for a few days,  the temperatures have come down now  in Chennai and this has made the residents happy. The happiness of the residents might be short-lived only.

Mr. Pradeep John, famous Chennai weather blogger has predicted that around 26th May Chennai would become hotter as hot and dry westerlies would become strong once again. He added that there were chances that Nungambakkam would touch 40 degrees Celius again.

It is worthy to note that while the suburbs in Chennai continued to sizzle, the temperature in the core places in Chennai reduced. Nungambakkm recorded 37.1 degrees Celisus and Meenambakkam recorded 39.5 degrees Celius on Friday.

While the temperatures came down in Nungambakkam in the early afternoon, the temperatures shot up in Meenambakkam. The reason for that was because the sea breeze takes time to travel inland as they do not travel at the same speeds at every height. It was predicted by some weathermen that the sea breeze might continue to influence the temperatures in Chennai and its suburban places.As the wind directions might change, the weathermen and bloggers have predicted that temperatures might rise in the city again from next week.