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Residents of Tambaram can heave a sigh of relief now

Posted on: 20/May/2023 9:23:37 AM
There are many badly damaged roads and old roads in Tambaram that have been creating issues for the residents. Now, the Tambaram Corporation  has begun repaving these roads. A committee of officers headed by Commissioner R. Alagu Meena is monitoring the repaving works.

It is very important to relay roads according to the quality specifications and for that the committee has been conducting inspections regularly.

For repaving badly damaged roads, the TN govt has sanctioned Rs 9.9 crores for the FY 2022-2023 under the TN Urban Road Infrastructure Fund or TURIF. This was pointed out by a senior official from the corporation. Eighty two interior roads like bus route roads etc were proposed to be repaved with bitumen and concrete. This was according to a road improvement project.

Point is that the new commissioner and others identified the badly damaged roads that needed repaving. Tenders were called for and the contractors were selected also. Several roads in east Tambaram would be repaved with Bitumen and concrete soon.  This would include repaying Kalamegam Street at a cost of Rs 64lakhs, Kalidasar Street at a cost of Rs 28 lakhs and Barali Nellaiappar Street at a cost of Rs 25.50 lakhs etc. It is now said that more than 100 roads would be repaved soon.