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Positive news on the operation of metro trains in Trichy!!

Posted on: 30/Mar/2023 9:07:16 AM
The feasibility study of the proposed plan for a 68km stretch transport corridor made by a private firm has been approved by the Trichy city corporation on Wednesday, 29th of March 2023. It would be readied and sent to the union government for approval.

Based on the flow of passengers, a total length of 68km stretches in Trichy city with 3 routes has been identified as a possible stretch for the operation of the metro trains. This was according to a study made by Urban Mass Transit Company Limited, Bengaluru.

It was later brought to light by the officials who made the study that out of the total Trichy residents 41% use 2 wheelers, 15% use cars, 7% use autos and 22% make use of the public transport facility like bus etc. The officer later explained that the population that make use of public transport facilities in Trichy were penitential residents.

Three possible stretches have been identified for the metro trains operation in Trichy. Of these 3 stretches, one stretch would be of length of 18.7km connecting Samayapuram and Vayalur via Srirangam and Thillainagar and the second stretch would be of length 26km from Thuvakudi and Panchapur new integrated bus terminal via Central bus stand. Third stretch would be of the length of 23.3km connecting Panchapur and the international airport via a semi ring road.

It must be taken into account that the important spots such as central bus stand, junction railway station and IBT Panchapur etc would be connected well.

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