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Today, 21st March is Panguni Amavasai Day - Various important things to do today!!

Posted on: 21/Mar/2023 9:26:32 AM
Chaitra Amavasya falls on 21st of March 2023 that is today!!

It is believed that when unmarried women fast on this day then the obstacles would be removed and her marriage would take place.

Things to do on Today:

For those who believe in god, chaitra amavasya is considered very important. It is also called as Boodhadi or Bhoomathi amavasai and on this day taking bath in the Holy Ganga river would wash away all the sins. It is also important to give alms on this important day. By this, we would be able to get advancement in  career plus better job opportunities etc.

There are couples who would not have any children for a long time. On this Panguni Amavasai day, they must mix water, blackcurrant, milk and barley and pour that to the roots of Pipal tree or Arasa maram. Then, they must go around the tree 7 times and light a mustard oil lamp under the tree in the evening. By this, the couples would be blessed with children.

Those people whose business have not developed well must  worship Lord Hanuman today and by that their business would improve well. On this important day, it is considered auspicious to donate milk, clothes and rice etc. By this, the displeasures of our ancestors would be removed and all the activities that have been obstructed would take place well. Spiritualists believe that on the Chaitra Amavasya day it is necessary to please the ancestors.

Those who have Pithru dosham must please their ancestors on this special day. Our Pithra dosha would be removed as Lord Saniswaran would be pleased when we donate black sesame seeds today. This has been according to Astrology. It is believed that by doing this the positive energy would be increased in the family and economic status would improve.

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