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Tamil Nadu State Budget 2023-24 presented! Highlights!!

Posted on: 20/Mar/2023 4:03:39 PM
Quoting the Thirukkural Verse, "Kodaiyali Sengol Kudiyombal naangum udaiyanaam Vendharkkoli", the Tamil Nadu State Finance Minister Palanivel Thyagarajan presented the budget for the Financial Year 2023-24 in the Legislative Assembly!

The Legislative Assembly speaker Appavu appealed that peace must be maintained until the budget presentation. Any positive or negative observations can be shared after the budget presentation.

However, AIADMK members still indulged in the ruckus. The speaker observed that only the budget presentation will go into the records others will be neglected. Subsequently, the AIADMK members walked out.


  • Despite the stringent financial crisis and prevailing conditions, we have taken certain harsh corrections in some avenues and have managed to reduce the deficit to Rs. 30000/- Crore. The deficit will be further reduced in the coming years.
  • However, prevailing major global issues such as the Ukraine War and the global financial crises will lead to encounter severe financial challenges!
  • Chennai Sangamam Cultural festival will be conducted in 8 more cities.
  • The subsidies given to the citizens have been increased by Rs. 5000 Crores.
  • Mini Tidal Information Technology Parks will be set up in Erode, Thirunelveli, and Chengalpattu.
  • Dr Ambedkar`s literary works will be translated into Tamil.
  • International Tamil Computer Forum will be conducted.
  • A Memorial will be set up for the language martyrs Danamuthu and Natarajan in Chennai Metro City.
  • A fund of Rs. 223 Crores is allotted for building houses for the Sri Lankan Tamil refugees. 3959 houses will be built for them.
  • A `Chola period` Museum will be set up in Thanjavur.
  • A multi-speciality hospital named after the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi will be set up in Guindy, Chennai Metro City.
  • Rs. 18661/- Crores are allotted for the Health Department.
  • The hostel for the nurses in Chennai Stanley Medical Hospital will be renovated and reconstructed.
  • Free Wi-Fi will be made available in Chennai, Tambaram, Avadi, Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, and Salem Corporations.
  • Antique Items Industry will be set up in Kallakkurichi, Ranippettai.
  • Industrial Training will be imparted to 10 Lakh youth in the coming financial year.
  • A Global Industrial Centre will be set up in Chennai Ambattur for Rs. 120 Crores.
  • The Kalaignar Library in Madurai City will start functioning in June this year.
  • Rs. 6967 Crores are allotted for Higher Education Department.
  • 1000 students will be given financial assistance of Rs. 25000 each for preparing to write the Indian Civil Services Examinations.
  • Rs. 3513 Crores are allotted for the Department of Adi Dravida Development. 
  • Hostels will be set up for Adi Dravidas students in Madurai, Coimbatore, Trichy and Nilgiri.
  • The Chief Minister`s Breakfast Scheme is being extended to all Government Primary Schools. 18 lakh students will benefit from this. A fund of Rs.500 Crore is allocated for this purpose.
  • Allocation of Rs11 Crore is made to preserve folk art, and protect artists.
  • Free bus travel for 590 more senior Tamil scholars
  • Ex-Servicemen`s Benefit: Increase of Rs. 20 lacks to Rs. 40 lacks for veterans from Tamil Nadu who die in war and war-related activities
  • Medical programs will also be extended to people who work in factories.
  • Increase in monthly pension to Rs. 1500 for disabled persons
  • Increase in financial assistance amounting to Rs. 2000 for severely disabled persons
  • Multi-specialty Hospital named after former Chief Minister Karunanidhi in Guindy, Chennai will be opened this year.
  • Finance Minister Palanivel Thyagarajan has said that Rs.389 Crore has been allocated for the welfare schemes of fishermen to benefit 4.3 lakh fishermen. The Minister said that the Tamil Nadu Weaving Restoration Movement will be implemented to prevent sea erosion and reduce pollution.
  • Father Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is to be set up in Gobichettipalayam Forest, Anthiyur, Erode District
  • Father Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary will be set up on 80,000 hectares. It will be the 18th wildlife sanctuary in Tamil Nadu.
  • It has been announced in the budget that an allocation of Rs.50 Crore has been made for the Nan Muluvan scheme.
  • The finance minister has announced that a target of Rs 30,000 Crore has been set to provide loans to women`s self-help groups.
  • An allocation of Rs.10500 Crore has been made for the food subsidy scheme.
  • It has been announced in the budget that an international bird centre will be set up at Marakanam in Villupuram district at a cost of Rs.25 Crore.
  • Finance Minister Palanivel Thyagarajan mentioned that the number of female students enrolling in the first year of higher education has increased by 29 per cent. 
  • Finance Minister Palanivel Thyagarajan said that Semmozhi Park will be constructed in Coimbatore at a cost of Rs.172 Crore.
  • 9000 Crore metro rail project will be implemented in Coimbatore. The metro rail line will be constructed in areas including Avinasi Road and Sathyamangalam Road.
  • The Metro rail project will be implemented in Madurai at an estimated cost of Rs.8500 Crore. A Metro rail project will be implemented to connect Madurai Thirumangalam and Othakadai.
  • Ezhilmiku Coimbatore and Mamadurai 2 cities where projects will be implemented will be developed.
  • Rs 20 Crore for sports entertainment is allotted for Kannagi Nagar, Perumbakkam, Nawalur, and Athipatti.
  • A new 4-lane flyover will be constructed in Chennai at a cost of Rs.621 Crore
  • A 4-lane flyover will be constructed at Anna Salai from Teynampet to Saidapet at a cost of Rs.621 Crore.
  • 1,000 Crore North Chennai Development Plan will be implemented. Basic facilities will be improved in North Chennai in 3 years
  • In Tamil Nadu, 10,000 ponds and ponds in rural areas will be renovated at a cost of Rs.800 Crore.
  • The 2nd phase of the Okanagan Combined Water Project will be implemented at an estimated cost of Rs 7,145 Crore.
  • The extensive works of Palani, Thiruthani and Samayapuram temples will be carried out at an estimated cost of Rs.485 Crore. In the current financial year, Kudamuzku was conducted in 574 temples. In the coming financial year, renovation work will be completed in 400 temples and Kudamuzku will be conducted.
  • Old age pension will be given to 1 lakh new people in the current financial year.
  • Rs. 20 Crore to establish 10 small handloom parks.
  • The tourism policy formulated by the government will be released soon.
  • The finance minister said that Rs 2 Crore has been allocated in the budget for the development of Nagore Dargah.
  • According to the budget, Rs 400 Crore has been sanctioned for fibre optic communication to bring internet facility.
  • An allocation of Rs 2,000 Crore for the development of 5,145 km of roads under the Chief Minister`s Rural Roads Development Scheme.
  • Finance Minister Palanivel Thyagarajan has announced that 10,000 ponds and ponds in rural areas will be renovated at a cost of Rs.800 Crore.
  • Rs. 37,145 Crores will be implemented for the 2nd phase of the Okanagan Joint Water Project.
  • The chief minister will launch a monthly stipend of Rs 1,000 for heads of eligible families in the coming financial year on September 15.
  • The advance payment for the construction of government employees` houses has been increased to Rs.50 lakh. It has been increased from Rs.40 lakhs to Rs.50 lakhs considering the increase in the price of construction materials.
  • Finance Minister Palanivel Thyagarajan has announced that the bond registration fee has been reduced from 4 per cent to 2 per cent.
  • An allocation of Rs.5346 Crore has been made for Social Security Pension Scheme. It is reported that the number of beneficiaries under the Social Security Pension Scheme will increase to 35.8 lacks.
  • Rs. 400 Crores allotted for fibre cable for internet (Wi-Fi) facility.
  • Rs. 2000 Crores allotted for Rural Roads of 5145 km under the Chief Minister`s Rural Development Scheme.
  • Rs. 800 Crores to be spent on reclaiming 10000 ponds and other water resources.
  • Drinking Water Distribution 2nd Phase, Oganekal is allotted Rs. 37145 Crores.
  • Eligible Housewives will be given monthly assistance of Rs, 1000/- in this Financial Year. This will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister on 15th September.
  • The Housing Loan for the State Government employees has been increased to Rs. 50 Lakhs from Rs. 40 Lakhs considering the increased prices of construction items.
  • Property Registration fees are reduced to 2% from 4%.
  • Social Security Pension Scheme has been allotted Rs. 5346 Crores. As such, the number of beneficiaries in this scheme will increase to 35.8 Lakhs!

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