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Know these important changes in bowel movements as they might be due to colorectal cancer!!

Posted on: 18/Mar/2023 9:06:03 AM
The colorectal health as well as our gut health would be revealed by bowel movements. Truth is that we might ignore the bowel pattern plus time needed to pass out stools etc. These would reveal the presence of an underlying disease in us. Colorectal cancer has become common now a days and many get affected across the world. When there is cancer in the large intestine then it is called as colorectal or colon cancer. From the colon area, the cancer would spread o rectum also. Many of us would not even know the early signs of colorectal cancer and hence diagnosis would be delayed.

These 6 changes in the bowel movements would indicate the presence of colorectal cancer.

Pain while passing stools:

Many of us would ignore this common symptom of colorectal cancer and it would be usually assumed as a gastrointestinal issue. Those with this cancer would experience pain in their abdominal or pain in their bowel area. Passing stools would be painful and difficult as the colon area would get blocked.

Bleeding while passing stools:

It is normally assumed that bleeding while passing stools would be due to constipation issue but the fact is that it could also be due to colorectal cancer. Hence, please don`t ignore this symptom.It is noteworthy that bleeding due to colorectal cancer would be recurrent but bleeding due to constipation would not be recurrent.


Those with colorectal cancer would experience changes in bowel movements and changes in stools consistency. Truth is that tumour in the colon would secrete pus like fluid leading to diarrhoea.


Tumor in the large intestine could block the passage of stools and this would lead to severe constipation. Having persistent constipation could be a sign of colorectal cancer.

Narrow stools:

It must be noted that those with colorectal cancer could pass narrow stools as thin as a pen. This is mainly due to the fact that the grown tumour is causing the blockage in the large intestine.  Normally, it is assumed that the narrow stools could be due to constipation or sedentary lifestyle etc. Keeping  a track of the bowel movements is important.

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