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Chennai Koyambedu wholesale fruit market: Surplus stock of fruits arrives from other places!

Posted on: 17/Mar/2023 10:58:47 AM
Fruits are being transported to the Chennai Koyambedu wholesale fruit market from other districts, states, and countries. As the summer heat intensifies, the sales of fruits and fruit juices have picked up. Citizens are buying fruits with high water content in large quantities.

With the onset of the summer season, the arrival of special seasonal fruits has increased. For example, sweet lime is transported from the state of Andhra Pradesh in 10 mini-lorries every day. Oranges, grapes, and pomegranates are brought in from the state of Maharashtra. Watermelons and melons, which are also summer seasonal fruits, are transported from various districts of the state of Tamil Nadu and in 15 lorries every day from the state of Andhra Pradesh.

In the wholesale markets, sweet lime is sold at Rs. 40 Rs. 50 per kg, oranges are sold at Rs. 60 Rs. 100 per kg, grapes are sold at Rs. 40 Rs. 50 per kg, watermelons are sold at Rs. 15 Rs. 20 per kg, and melons are sold at Rs. 20 Rs. 25 per kg.