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By this extension, about 4.5 lakhs Arts and Sciences college students will get benefits in TN!!

Posted on: 28/Jan/2023 9:50:57 AM
The Naan Mudhalvan scheme has been extended now by the TN govt and by this more than 4.5lakhs students studying in various Arts and Science colleges across TN would be benefited. This has been done to bridge the gap in the academic-industry linkage. It is learnt that currently 3 lakhs engineering students are being trained under this scheme. It is now said that this superb scheme would make sure that 7.5lakhs students secure employment according to their educational qualifications and they become ready for the industries by the time they complete their studies.

According to a senior officer from the Higher Education Department, the total enrollment of the students was 12lakhs. This Naan Mudhalvan scheme was developed by the nodal agency by TNSDC or Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation has already engaged 3lakhs engg students to take up several courses under the programme.

It is worthy to note that skills are being offered to the students belonging to Information Technology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, manufacturing, banking and finance, green energy etc.

The superb piece of information is that currently jobs are being offered to the trained students in 9 sectors like construction, leather, automotive, banking etc. In the future, 20 more sectors such as media and entertainment,gems and jewellery,  furniture and fittings, telecom, tourism and hospitality etc would also be added.

Several firms, industries and institutos have been invited to act as training partners for providing skills training to the youngsters belonging to engineering, polytechnic, arts & sciences colleges etc.

The senior officer later explained that mentorship programmes were also planned to be provided to the students for bringing out the potential of the students. This could help them to reach the heights they deserve. The students could be in close touch with the industry leaders, expert coders etc and this could be possible by organising hackathons etc. Point is that more than 200 mentors would be engaged. 

To make films on several topics, a Naan Mudhalvan short film festival has been organised. The topics would include the skill development at an early age in the school education, the use of digitising traditional skills to impart employable skills etc