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Prices of tomatoes have shot up unbelievably now at the Koyambedu market in Chennai !!

Posted on: 24/Jan/2023 5:44:05 PM
After 4 months, the supply of tomatoes at the Koyambedu wholesale market in Chennai has reduced. Now, this has led to the prices of this vegetable to become double.

It was later mentioned by some vegetable traders that prices of other vegetables have decreased slightly after the Pongal festival and there is now brisk sales at the market. Normally, the market receives 100 loads of tomatoes. In the last 2 years, the prices of tomatoes did not surge and the tomatoes were sold for Rs 10, Rs 15 and Rs 20 etc in the Koyambedu market. As a result, there was wastage of tomatoes.

Mr.P.Sukumaran, secretary, Koyambedu Wholesale Market Merchants spoke about how the farmers chose to sow fewer tomatoes leading to reduced supply of tomatoes at the market. Currently, the market receives 50 to 60 vehicles of perishable commodities. He concluded that the prices of tomatoes would increase further if the tomato supply decreases in the market.

It must be recalled that during the Pongal the public came  in huge numbers to the market and the sales were 90percent. Truth is that the vegetable rates went up by 20percent. A retail vendor at the market mentioned that after the Pongal festival got over normalcy came back and the market received loads. 

The prices of vegetables were reduced by 15% except drumsticks and shallots that were sold around Rs 100 per kg. At the Koyambedu wholesale market now, onions are being sold for Rs 20 per kg, potatoes for Rs 25 per kg, carrots for Rs 30 per kg etc.

At the market, brinjal is being sold for Rs 15 per kg, ladies finger for Rs 40 per kg and water based veggies like cucumber, chow chow and bottle gourd etc for less than Rs 10 per kg each. After Pongal, there has been no drastic change at the retail shops regarding the vegetable prices.

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