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Information gathered that Tamil Nadu is set to introduce Makkal ID just like Aadhar Card!

Posted on: 27/Dec/2022 9:03:14 PM
Interesting information is gathered that the State Government of Tamil Nadu has decided to introduce a new, 10-12 digit `Makkal ID` card (similar to Aadhar Card)! for all Tamil Nadu State Residents.

As we are all aware, over the last few years, the Aadhar ID Card has assumed a lot of importance for various procedures and systems right from buying a Mobile SIM card, to bank transactions, travel by flight, etc., Aadhar card is required and used!

Aadhar Card is issued to all Indian Citizens by the Central Government of India! Earlier, the family ration card played a predominant role in various procedures and now the Aadhar card has taken it over!

The Aadhar card is an individual Identity Card. It is linked with various procedural systems such as Ban Accounts, Mobile SIM cards, PAN cards, and Family Ration Cards.

In this regard, information is gathered that the State Government of Tamil Nadu is set to introduce a similar new Identity Card for the residents of Tamil Nadu State consisting of 12-12 Digits!

Further, the information gathered in this regard is that this new State-based Identity Card would be useful in all the State Welfare schemes reaching every individual citizen!

A DATABASE of the state statistics is to be set up by the State Government of Tamil Nadu. It is learnt that TANGEDCO (Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Company) will be entrusted with the task of implementing this proposed UNIQUE TAMIL NADU STATE IDENTITY CARD!

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