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Sabarimalai Lord Sri Ayyappan Temple: Mandala Pooja concludes on 29th December: Temple corridors are to be closed!

Posted on: 27/Dec/2022 8:59:25 PM
The famous Mandala the Mandala Pooja got concluded today (Tuesday, 27th December!
On the holy occasion of the Mandala Pooja, a special adornment Golden Angi (shawl covering the middle of the body)  Pooja concluded today with the Pooja performed at 1.00 PM.

The temple corridors of Lord Sri Ayaan Temple were opened on 17th November for the special occasions of Makara & Mandala Poojas. Today being the 41st day of the 41-day Mandala Pooja, reached Sabarimalai Temple on Monday (Yesterday, 26th December). The royal family of Thiruvithankur and the devotees and the temple administrators organized a grand welcome to the golden Angi!

The deity of Lord Ayyappa was adorned with this golden Angi on Monday evening (25th December). Special Poojas were performed for this special occasion! Subsequently, today (Tuesday, 27th December), from 12.30 to 1.00 PM, with thousands of devotees chanting Lord Ayyappa, Mandala Pooja was performed!

With the sacred Mandala Pooja having concluded, the temple corridors were closed today and will  Makara Pooja is scheduled to be performed on remain closed for 3 days.

The temple corridors will be opened again for the Makara Pooja at 5.00 PM on 30th December. Makara Pooja is scheduled to be performed on 14th January. Makara Jothi Darshan will also be on the same day! Subsequently, the temple corridors of Lord Sri Ayyappan temple will be closed on 20th January. With this, the festive occasion of Mandala & Makara Pooja will conclude!

Rs. 222 Crores revenue for the temple!

From the commencement of the Mandala Pooja, around 50 Lakh devotees visited Sabarimalai for the Darshan of Lord Sri Ayyappan! Further, Rs. 222 Crores revenue has been earned by the temple in this period!

It may be noted here that over the last 2 years, due to the raging impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the number of devotees visiting Sabarimalai Lord Sri Ayyappan temple had been comparatively very less.

As there are no restrictions for Darshan now at present times, the number of devotees ghost up to very high numbers!

To regulate the large number of devotees, a separate queue was formed for differently-abled citizens and senior citizens. As such, the temple administrators shared that during the Mandala Pooja celebrations, devotees had the Darshan of Lord Sri Ayyappan without any hardships!