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Those with thyroid problems can lose their weight successfully by eating these foods!!

Posted on: 05/Dec/2022 5:44:56 PM
Thyroid problems and weight gain are related to one another!!

It is well known that thyroid gland is a large ductless gland present in the neck and this gland secrete hormones for growth and development. Those with thyroid problems or under active thyroid would show a sudden increase in their body weights or weight gain. It must be noted that the body functions would slow down due to the lack of thyroid hormone. In this scenario, the person must adhere to the treatment plan, engage themselves in some physical activity, reduce stress, manage the food intake etc.

It is necessary that a person with thyroid issues must eat these foods without fail for their weight loss. The foods are

Consumption of Iodine based foods:
It must be noted that by increasing the iodine content in the food it would be possible to lose weight. Hence, it is essential to consume foods like iodised salts, seafoods, dairy products etc for iodine content.

Consumption of fibre rich foods:
It is believed that to lose weight in a healthy manner, it is necessary that digestion gets improved daily. For this to happen, it is important to eat foods that are rich in fibre content. Truth is that fibre content would reduce calories intake and would increase the removal of harmful pollutants.

Consumption of vitamin D rich foods:
For controlling the thyroid function,vitamin D is important. Vitamin D deficiency could be overcome by eating foods like eggs, fatty fishes, orhan meat etc.

Consumption of copper based foods:
Sesame seeds and legumes are rich in copper and by eating these foods the thyroid glands would function well and metabolism would get speeded up.

Consumption of omega 3 fatty acid rich foods:
Omega 3 fatty acids containing foods would not only help in weight management but also it would reduce the inflammation of thyroid glands. Few examples of omega 3 fatty acids rich foods are walnuts, chia seeds etc.

Consumption of fruits:
It is good to consume fruits like apples, avocados and berries etc  as the antioxidant content in these fruits would protect from free radical damage to the thyroid glands.

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