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Chennai city to get these fantastic additions and become greener!!

Posted on: 30/Nov/2022 8:27:36 AM
In the future, the city of Chennai will become greener!! Thanks to the efforts that would be taken by GCC!!

On the vacant lands present in 10 zones belonging to GCC, approval for construction of new parks and playgrounds has been given by the authorities belonging to GCC. This would be under the Singara Chennai 2.0 initiative.

As per the resolutions passed at the council meeting on Tuesday, to improve the green cover in Chennai the civic body would be constructing as manya s 150 parks and 50 playgrounds. An estimated amount of Rs 50 cr would be spent on this.

Tamil Nadu Urban Finance and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited or TUFIDCO has prepared and submitted the project report for the new parks and playgrounds in the city. It must be noted that in the phase-1, permission was granted to start the construction works of 58 parks and playgrounds (45 new parks and 13 playgrounds) in the zones 1 to 4, 7to 9, 10, 13 and 14.

It must be recalled that on 17th August 2022 a committee meeting took place. Point is  the monitoring and project sanctioning committee gave approval to atleast 40  projects at an estimated cost of Rs 11 cr under the Singara Chennai 2.0 initiative for 2022-23. For the above 58 works, approval was sought and contractors selected for 53 works, This was according to the resolution. There were no qualified contractors for the remaining 5 works. Now, the file of the selected contractors is under consideration.