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Highest amount of rainfall in a day details etc - Real time rain forecast system in each of the 200 wards in Chennai!!

Posted on: 07/Nov/2022 9:26:02 AM
From 9th of November, Chennai is likely to receive heavy rains for 3 days and this was according to the prediction from IMD. Now, GCC has increased its efforts for flood mitigation in the city.

It is now said that officials belonging to the GCC could now get real time rain forecasts for all the 200 wards in the city in their disaster management dashboard. Point is that the 200 wards are present in the 426 sq km in Chennai.

To improve flood preparedness, the GCC Commissioner Mr. Gagabdeep Singh Bedi has instructed teams of officials to use appropriate technology.

It was mentioned by Mr. Vishu Mahajan, deputy commissioner Revenue and Finance, GCC that Integrated Command and Control System or ICCC disaster management app has been combined with the real time flood forecasting software belonging to the TN State Disaster Management  Authority. With the help of the software developed with TNUIFSL, rains can be forecasted for each of the 200 wards in Chennai. He added that in the ICCC dashboard rain forecast in the ward for 3 days could be seen.

For the improvement of the real time forecast, multiple aspects would come up but at present main things implemented and live would be the forecast for rainfall in every ward in Chennai.

Weather models to provide details regarding rains in 2000 wards:

With the help of 2 main weather models like GFS or global forecast system and another model named ECMWF or European Centre for  Medium Range Weather Forecast model, the GCC officials would be able to witness the activities taking place in each of the 200 wards in Chennai.  Mr. Vishu Mahajan concluded that both predictions would be available in the dashboard ward wise.

It is now brought out that the officials would be able to know with the help of the existing technology at which hour of the day the highest quantum of rainfall would be received by the ward. This would help the officials to prepare accordingly.

Later,  an official spoke about how the other parts of the forecasting proposed were the inflow in the major canals and the outflow predicted and releases from the major tanks and lakes. Point is that this is not yet live fully. In the future, prediction of inundation regarding exact locations where inundations would occur and how much would be inundated etc would come up soon. These would be integrated with ICCC.