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Humayan Mahal in Chennai - Whats happening there now?

Posted on: 07/Nov/2022 9:23:42 AM
Chennaites would have been familiar with the Humayun Mahal located on the Wallajah Road in Chepauk. Now, this famous heritage building is making sensational news!!

It is known that the PWD has been carrying out renovation works in this Humayun Mahal at a cost of Rs 41.12crores.These renovation works should have been completed by August itself but got delayed. It must be noted that the renovation works began in 2019. It is now revealed that the Humayun Mahal would soon be thrown open for the public.

History of Humayun Mahal:

This heritage building was constructed between 1868 and 1871 by Robert Chisholm in Indo- Saracenic style of architecture. During the Britishers era, this building functioned as Revenue Department Headquarters. Later on, several offices belonging to the TN govt such as Horticulture and Revenue started to function here.

It is noteworthy that the renovation works here are being carried out by adhering to the traditional methods of masonry. To get the serene white shade in Humayun Mahal building, they have used Madras terrace roofing  a combination of wood, Madras achikal brick and lime plaster. Theervai plastering technology or Mughal plastering is being used for the interiors here. Other important materials used are white lime, sand, white stones, egg whites and curd etc.

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