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Madurai-Sengottai Special Train cancelled from today 5th September

Posted on : 05/Sep/2022 1:15:05 PM

Madurai-Sengottai and Sengottai-Madurai special trains without reservations are cancelled from today (Monday, 5th September) for 6 days!

In a notification regarding this issued by Madurai Railway Divisional Office, it is mentioned:

"Due to track maintenance work to be carried out, Madurai-Sengottai special trains are being cancelled for 6 days from today (Monday, 5th September) until 10th September.

The track strengthening work is in progress in Rajapalayam-Sankarankovil Section.

Due to this, the Madurai-Sngottai Special train, scheduled to start at 11.30 AM and the special train starting from Sengottai at 11.50 AM (Sengottai-Madurai special train) are cancelled from today (Monday, 5th September).

The trains will remain cancelled until 10th September for 6 days. As soon as the above-mentioned track strengthening work gets completed, these train services will be resumed!`



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