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A new trick used by GCC to prevent parking of cars on the streets in Chennai

Posted on: 29/Aug/2022 9:38:51 AM
If you belong to the Thiruvottiyur zone in north Chennai, then don`t be surprised if you see stickers on the windshields of your car that is parked on the streets!!

Many people park their cars outside on the streets impeding conservancy works. Now, GCC has taken up a new trick of pasting stickers on the windshields of these cars parked on the streets. The main objective behind this was to discourage the Chennai residents from parking their cars on the streets impeding conservancy works.

It must be noted that the stickers on the cars meant that the vehicles obstructed the garbage removal works.  Now, this sticker pasting work on the windshield of cars has been going on in the Thiruvottiyur zone and is being done by some engineers belonging to the corporation.

As per an engineer attached to north Chennai zone it was clear that they have been pasting stickers on the windshields of cars for the last 6 weeks. It must be taken into note that when conservancy workers visit streets then the cars parked on the street sides make some portions inaccessible. He added that by pasting stickers the car owners would be discouraged to park their vehicles on the streets. Soon, in other GCC zones too this process would be used to prevent the car owners leaving their cars on the streets impeding conservancy works.

In addition to pasting stickers on the cars the engineers also remove the unused vehicles that are parked for a long time on the roads and streets.

An engineer belonging to GCC spoke about how there has been some opposition from the residents for removing the unused vehicles. There was also some opposition against pasting stickers and hence the work has been stopped now. He concluded that this new process from GCC regarding stickers pasting would resume soon.

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