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New: Henceforth, an Aadhar card will be mandatory for certain services!

Posted on: 18/Aug/2022 12:02:45 PM
Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has been distributing Aadhar cards, a special Identification card for every citizen.

Aadhar card details have been made mandatory for availing of most of the welfare schemes offered by both the central and state Governments.

As per Aadhar Act-7, for citizens who do not have an Aadhar card, arrangements have been made for them to receive the Aadhar card.

As such, to avail of the various government subsidies and concessions offered by the central and state government, UIDAI has sent a circular to the central and state government that the citizen MUST have an Aadhar card.

In this circular, it is mentioned:

"Various subsidies and concessions offered by the Central and State Governments are credited to the citizen`s bank account directly! Now, the Aadhar card has been made MANDATORY to avail of the above-mentioned subsidies, concessions, and other welfare schemes.

Citizens who do not have Aadhar cards have to apply for the same!

Till the concerned citizens receive the Aadhar card after applying, they can show the receipt for the Aadhar card application and any other Identity Card given by the central or state governments and avail of the subsidies and concessions.     

Similarly, the central and state governments also offer various other subsidies, services and other welfare schemes. Citizens who can avail of these benefits need to get certain certificates from the government. NOW, AADHAR CARDS ARE MANDATORY TO GET THESE CERTIFICATES!"