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New burden: ATM transaction charges UP!!

Posted on: 18/Aug/2022 11:38:59 AM
All the public and private sector banks have announced that their account-holding customers can withdraw cash from the ATMs 5 times a month free of charge!

In case money is withdrawn from ATM from the 6th time onwards, an additional charge of Rs. 20/- will be imposed per transaction for the customer.

The banks inform that the cost of installation and maintenance has increased considerably!

As such, an additional amount of Re. 1`- has been added to the present charges of Rs. 20/-charged for exceeding the allowed number of ATM transactions!

As such, when the customers access ATM for cash withdrawal more than 5 times,  an additional charge of Rs. 21/- will be collected for each additional transaction! This is effective from 17th August (Wednesday, yesterday)!