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2.72 Lakh candidates register to join Agnipath Scheme (Air Force)!

Posted on : 01/Jul/2022 2:57:12 PM

So far, more than 2.72 Lakhs of candidates have applied for the Air Force to join under the Agnipath Scheme.

The Central Government had recently introduced the Agnipath Scheme inviting applications to join the Indian Army, Navy, and Air-force for a 4-years service!

This scheme was strongly opposed by the opposition parties. However, the Public response has been favourable!

In this scenario, candidates are to be selected separately for joining the 3 defence forces of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

It was announced by the Indian Air Force that the eligible candidates interested in joining this Agnipath scheme need to register their details on the official website: 

  • https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in/AV/.

In this situation, the Indian Air Force has come up with the detail that over the last 7 days, over 2.72 Lakhs candidates have applied to join under the Agnipath Scheme!



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