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Canadian International School student Tanvi bags first place in Asian ballet competition

Posted on: 15/Dec/2021 3:34:00 PM
Bangalore, December 15, 2021: In what is a remarkable achievement for a youngster, XX-year-old Tanvi, an IB1 student at Canadian International School (CIS), Bangalore, bagged the first place in a virtual dance competition organized by the Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA) recently. Tanvis win is impressive as she competed with other students at the Asia level. Tanvi trains at the Lewis Foundation of Classical Ballet in the city and has been practicing the dance form since she was 3-year-old.

Tanvi has danced and practiced Ballet in South Korea, New Zealand, and India. Studying ballet in India is not as common, but fortunately she was able to find a training school in Bangalore. She had the grit and determination to persevere through illness to practice the dance form. While Tanvis passion is ballet, she also enjoys other forms of dance such as hip hop.

Speaking on her achievement, Tanvi said: I remember being inspired by a ballet dancer who came to my preschool when I was a 3-year-old.  I began instruction in South Korea and was able to participate in both ensemble and solo performances. Dance allows me to express myself fully and I find a lot of joy during performance.  I am very thrilled at bagging the first place and it has been a lot of hard work and practice over these years and I want to achieve a lot more in the future.

Dr. Ted Mockrish, Head of School, Canadian International School, said: Tanvi consistently works hard in both dance and music and has always been a standout performer and artiste at CIS.  It is fantastic to see her receive this recognition in the much larger group of FOBISIA international schools. Well done Tanvi!

Commenting on Tanvis achievement, Ms. Shweta Sastri, Managing Director, Canadian International School, Bangalore said: We are very proud of Tanvis accomplishment. Her hard work and persistence have paid off at the international level. It is very beautiful to see youngsters studying Ballet, a highly aesthetic dance form. CIS is proud to provide our student artist and musicians the support they need to continue their passions both inside and outside the classroom.

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