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Now health issues in some Chennai localities due to this important reason!!

Posted on: 15/Nov/2021 9:39:30 AM
Rains have lashed Chennai and its suburbs last week and it created many issues for the people. The rain water has drained now in most localities but in some places there is still stagnant water. Now, the residents are worried and they want the GCC authorities to sort out this issue of stagnant water as soon as possible. They want the contaminated localities to be disinfected and to avoid the people getting affected by health issues.

It must be noted that GCC had pumped out rain water from a few main roads and streets. The shocking information is that the sewage gets reverted because of garbage and household waste blocking some areas.

Wading through the ditch water has been an issue for the residents in some localities in Chennai now. Many residents have been affected with issues already. It was brought out by a resident from Pulianthope that sewage stagnation has been adding to the woes and it would lead to serious health issues. Since last Sunday, power supply has not been there in places like Alwarpet and Perambur etc and residents there have been facing many issues.

Interior places in Chennai have now got sewage mixed with water and rainwater has been pumped out from the main road. As per a resident from Alwarpet it was clear that heavy rains have led to inundation and sewage water reverted from the drainage system has flooded many houses in the area. The roads have become bad and mosquitoes have increased enormously.

It was later mentioned by another Alwarpet resident that the rainwater is being pumped out from various places belonging to Chennai city. There were few streets with broken tree branches, waste items, sewage deposits etc. These have been making the lives of many difficult now. To prevent health issues, the residents have urged the authorities to take precautionary steps.

In many streets belonging to Perambur locality in north Chennai, the authorities have pumped out rain water. There are some plastic items, wastes and sewage deposits that have accumulated on the roads. This was pointed out by Mr. S. Murali, general secretary of Perambur Residents Welfare Association.

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