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Shocking!!- COVID infection to increase in Chennai, NO social distancing in the metro trains!!

Posted on: 10/Sep/2021 9:07:28 AM
On Wednesday, the number of commuters who travelled by the metro trains in Chennai touched 1.02 lakhs. With the metro trains running jam packed, physical or social distancing was not followed on some trips. This has caught the attention of many now.

The number of people travelling by metro trains in Chennai has been on the rise for the past few weeks. In the last week of August, 85000 travelled in the metro trains and the number increased to 1.02lakhs on Wednesday. It must be remembered that in the month of February when the phase-1 extension project was opened in north Chennai the patronage touched 1lakh in the metro trains. Information is that before the Covid-19 infection started, the daily patronage was 1.25lakhs in the metro trains.  

In view of a long weekend, there would be more people using metro trains in Chennai. This was according to some officials of CMRL.