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Guess who is the new Governor for Tamil Nadu now?

Posted on: 10/Sep/2021 9:04:33 AM
The latest news is that Governor of the Nagaland state Mr. R.N. Ravi has been appointed as the new Governor for the state of Tamil Nadu now.

It must be noted that Mr. Purohit Banwarilal who was serving as Governor of Tamil Nadu till now has been appointed as full time Governor for Punjab state by the President of India Mr. Ramnath Govind. It must not be forgotten that Mr. Purohit Banwarilal was appointed as part time Governor for Punjab earlier.

Important information is that the newly appointed TN Governor Mr. Ravindra Narayan Ravi worked in the Kerala police for more than 10 years from the year 1976. He holds a Master`s degree in Physics subject and he belongs to Bihar state. He later played his role effectively in the Central Intelligence Agency and was responsible for cracking down on groups that operated in the north-eastern states of Jammu and Kashmir. It is worthy to mention that Mr. Ravi explored the political and sociological implications of the people on the border and was responsible for starting many projects belonging to the government.

In the year 2018, Mr Ravi served as a National Assistant Adviser and from August 2019 he has been the Governor of the Nagaland state. The CM of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Stalin has got huge respect for Mr. Purohit Banwarilal is well known. Mr Stalin later threw light on how Mr Banwarilal was close to him even when he was the leader of the opposition party in TN before he became chief minister.