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Recipe for tasty Kozhukkattai or Modak/Momos with Nattu Sakkarai


Posted on : 10/Sep/2021 8:52:12 AM

Vinayaka Chathurthi, the day Lord Vinayaka or Ganesh was born is one the most important festivals celebrated with verve and enthusiasm throughout the country in India.

Special Poojas/prayers are performed after buying the new idol of the Lord Vinayaka along with accessories and the usual pooja offerings.

Momos (Chinese name) or Modaks or Kozhukkattais (as known in India in Hindi and Tamil) are known to be a favourite dish for Lord Vinayaka!

As such, sweet and salt varieties of kozhukkattais are prepared for offering the Lord Vinayaka on this festival day.

Here is the recipe for making a sweet variety of Kozhukkattai using  Nattu Sakkarai or Rural Sugar:


For the outer part:

·        Processed rice flour – 5 medium-sized cups  (Soak rice in water for an hour or two, drain the water, Dry it on a cloth. Once 90% moisture is off, either grind it using the mixie/grinder or you may get it done outside in the grinding mill shops, Make a smooth powder).

·        Salt – to taste

·        Oil – 2 teaspoonfuls

·        Hot Water - 3 cups

For the stuffing

·        Finely Grated coconut 2 cups

·        Rural Sugar or Nattu sakkarai – 3 cups

·        A pinch of cardamom powder

·        A few strands of saffron (if available – optional)

·        A teaspoon of coarsely broken peanuts

·        A teaspoon of white or black sesame

Preparing the stuffing

·        Take a medium-sized wide bowl. Add the rural sugar first. Then, add the grated coconut. Mix thoroughly well. Once the mixture is homogeneous, add the pinch of cardamom powder and sprinkle the broken strands of saffron. Add the coarsely powdered peanuts s and the sesame. Mix and keep aside for a few minutes.

·        Now, take this mixture. With a little ghee rubbed on the palms, make balls of lemon size from the mixture.

·        Stuffing is ready!

Preparing the outer layer

·        Keep 5 cups of hot water ready.

·        Take the processed rice flour on a wide-mouthed pan.  , Fry the rice flour for a few minutes till it becomes a homogeneous dry mixture. Add a pinch of salt and a few drops of oil.  

·        Now, adding the hot water slowly, stir and mix the rice flour into a thick and consistent and smooth dough.  Apply a bit of ghee or oil on the palms and make medium-sized balls of rice flour dough.

·        The outer layer is ready!

The recipe

·        Grease your palm with a little ghee or oil.

·        Take the rice flour dough ball; Spread it evenly for a circular shape

·        Keep the small stuffing ball in the centre.

·        Now, wrap the stuffing fully closing the rice dough using the fingers –

·        Otherwise, ready moulds are available in plastic as well as Aluminum or steel which can be used when the rice dough can be spread first, the stuffing can be kept in the centre and the mould can be closed for a perfect shape. Complete making the kozhukkattais.

·        Take water in a cooking vessel and bring it to a boil, now, keep the kozhukkattai moulds on a greased idly or idiyappam stand. And steam for 10-15 minutes.

·        Switch off the stove and allow cooling for 10 minutes.

·        Remove and the yummy, nutritious kozhukkattais are ready to serve!

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