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5 Top Stocks for 2021 - Fundamentals - Sathish Kumar | Financial Consultant | Author


Posted on : 07/Sep/2021 10:49:05 AM


Very often viewers ask me about Portfolio Construction. Active equity portfolio construction is about thoroughly understanding the return objectives of a portfolio, as well as its acceptable risk levels, and then finding the right mix of securities that balances predicted returns against risk and other impediments that can interfere with realizing these returns.

Many investors has more than 40 – 50 stocks in their portfolio, that is not an acceptable approach.

Keeping to 10 – 20 High conviction stocks will help the investors to get high returns in your portfolio.

In this video I have explained about the rules for portfolio construction, and also my 5 personal favourite stock picks in 5 different category.

Time Stamp 

1.39 – Rules for Portfolio Construction 
2.38 – 1st Stock recommendation ( For more fundamental Analysis check this link )
4.36 – 2nd Tech stock Recommendation 
6.11 – 3rd Mid cap Stock Recommendation ( For more fundamental Analysis check this link )
8.01 – 4th Small Cap Stock recommendation 
8.58 – 5th Multi Bagger Stock Recommendation

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By Sathish Kumar – Helping you to take Smarter Investment Decisions.

This video is only for education purpose. Do your own research and consult your financial consultant before investing your money.

Finances are growing more complex and dynamic than ever. With the rising investor needs and complex financial products, there is a strong requirement for need-based holistic advice by financial planners

It is often said that we are good savers, but ‘poor’ investors. we usually lack the financial knowledge to plan for the long-term, in choosing right asset allocation and diversifying our asset.

1. Have an financial expert by your side

2. Leave the complex matters to professional

3. How to choose a financial planner?

Investors often lack “trust” in their financial planners. Hence, they need to have a certain level of trust while consulting a financial planner. 

Investors also need to check that the planner is not selling them any product. His job is to provide financial advice and not sell products or refer investors to other agents—where he may be earning some commission.  

Finally the information you share your advisor is a sensitive and confidential, the financial advisor should value this and keep that confidentiality. 

4. Financial Advisor for a Long Run

A Financial planner should walk with his client for a long run. He should review the portfolio regularly (Ideally once in 4 months) recommend actionable on portfolio and help the client to achieve his or her financial goals.

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This is my personal opinion, for all investment your investment related decision pls do your own research or consult your financial Advisosor. Mutual Funds and Stock market does not guarantee any returns and past performances are not necessary indicative for future performances.



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