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COVID SURVEILLANCE!! - All medical shops, pharmacies in Chennai must share details of drugs purchased by the residents

Posted on: 07/Jun/2021 9:16:26 AM
Next time, if you go to a medical shop or pharmacy in Chennai to buy Paracetamol, Azythromycin tablets etc, then please be careful!!

On Sunday, 6th June, GCC had issued an order and as per the order it was clear that the contacts of those who buy the above said medicines would be shared by the medical shops/ pharmacies with the civic body. This would be as a part of Covid-19 surveillance.

It is learnt that under the disaster management act the medical shops/ pharmacies have been ordered to share the contact details, name, address, symptoms and drugs issued to anyone with influenza-like symptoms.

It must not be forgotten that previously also an order was issued by GCC and private clinics, hospitals and scan centres have been asked to share the details of those patients with fever and other influenza-like symptoms.

Every day, the pharmacies must send the details to gccpvtpharmacyreports@chennaicorporation.gov.in.

The Chennai Corporation commissioner, Mr. Gagandeep Singh Bedi spoke about how many buy paracetamol and other medicines over the counter for fever symptoms but do not get tested for Covid-19 infection. He added that the pharmacies also did not mention GCC about those who purchased such medicines. The order issued now is to bring the public in the ambit of the GCC and make sure that they do not spread infection to others.

By this, the medical officers from the corporation and doctors would be able to go to the houses of those who purchased paracetamol tablets etc and test them for the Covid-19 infection. Information is that those who test Covid-19 positive would be isolated and then treatment would begin for them.

It must be taken into note that the order has been issued under the Section 30(2)(5)(6)of Disaster Management Act. Every facility must immediately inform all suspected Covid-19 cases to the city health officer of GCC. To monitor this, the GCC has appointed entomologists now.

Even in 2020, this measure was taken but the pharmacies did not share the details of those who purchased the medicines regularly. This was according to a senior officer. He explained that in 2021 all these measures have been brought under the Disaster Management Act. He concluded that by this method action would be taken if they do not comply and data would be shared every day with the GCC. It is now said that the monitoring system would make sure that sharing of details by the pharmacies is followed every day.