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After intense heat now, get ready for the rains and thunderstorms in Chennai in this week

Posted on: 01/Jun/2021 9:29:32 AM
Residents of Chennai have been feeling the extreme heat now and are finding it difficult. Now, the good news is weak westerly winds might bring rains and thunderstorms for atleast 3 days in this week in Chennai. It must be taken into account that the weak westerly winds have been responsible for the delay in the onset of monsoons in other parts of India.

From 2nd June to 5th June 2021, Chennai and its suburbs might get late evening or night rains due to convection. It must be noted that IMD had revised the onset date for SW monsoon to 3rd June. Some private weather forecasters and bloggers have mentioned that by 7th June monsoon might set due to strong westerlies.  In the next 2 days, the maximum and minimum temperature would be around 40 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius in Chennai and there would be mostly cloudy skies. This was also mentioned by IMD.

Meteorologists have said that Chennai and the surrounding places might get rains between 3rd June and 5th June. According to Mr. N. Puviarasan, director, Area Cyclone Warning Centre, IMD, said there would be rains in the second half of the week in Chennai. From the interior places of TN, convective rains might start and move towards coastal areas in the night.

He then explained how the westerlies are not strong and how due to this the land gets heated up in the day time. In the afternoon, the easterlies come and bring in moisture leading to convention. It is known that Chennai is a part of the rain shadow region and does not get rains from SW monsoons. It rains when there is a break in the wet spell in other parts of India. Every year in the June-September season, Chennai gets 434.1mm rains is known.

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