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Why is this COVID Care Centre at Saidapet in Chennai different?

Posted on: 01/Jun/2021 9:25:37 AM
Many Covid care centres in Chennai have been providing treatment to the Covid-19 infected patients. Many have been cured successfully and have gone back to their homes.

In Saidapet, the GCC has opened a Covid care centre to treat Coronavirus patients. Here, yoga and naturopathy would be used to cure the infection. This 120 bedded facility was inaugurated by the health minister, Mr. M. Subramanian. Out of a total 120 beds as many as 40 beds have been allocated for women patients. For the sake of improving the immunity levels, yoga and naturopathy would be taught to the patients. This was according to a stamen from the GCC.

Annai Velankanni Womens Arts and Science College in Saidapet would have this new 120 bedded Covid care centre. It is learnt that across TN yoga and naturopathy treatments are provided to the patients in more than 150 Covid care centres.  In TN, there is one Ayurveda Covid care centre and 50 Siddha covid care centres. A block in Chennai Trade Centre or CTC in Nandambakkam in Chennai with 500 oxygen beds has been inaugurated by the health minister and rural industries minister Mr. T.M. Anbarasan. Truth is that just a few days back, another Covid care centre was inaugurated inside this CTC with 350 beds.