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Since unlock in Chennai, metro train patronage is on the rise


Posted on : 02/Dec/2020 9:28:19 AM

If you are of the view that just few people only use the metro trains in Chennai even now, then this information would surprise you.

On 7th of September 2020, CMRL began resuming metro train services for the residents belonging to the city of Chennai. In the initial stages of the resumption, the number of persons who travelled by metro trains were low. Now, the patronage in the metro trains has been on the rise. This has brought huge relief on the faces of the official belonging to CMRL.

It is superb to note that in the month of November, 8.15 lakh passengers travelled by metro trains in Chennai. In October, 7.03lakhs passengers used metro trains and from 7th to 30th September as many as3.60lakhs passengers travelled in these metro trains.

It has been pointed out in the release from CMRL that from 7th September to 30th November as many as 19.21 lakhs passengers used metro trains in Chennai to reach their destinations. 

It must be noted that in the month of November a total of 21,579 passengers have utilised the QR code ticketing system while 4.72 lakh passengers used travel card ticketing systems. Information is that CMRL offers a 20% discount on QR coding ticketing and 10% discount on the travel cards.

In its effort to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection by maintaining social distancing and for the safe journey of the passengers, CMRL has requested the passengers to cooperate with CMRL security, ticketing etc. This was also mentioned in the release from CMRL. 

It is worthy to note that all the entrance gates at all the metro stations have been opened for the public use considering convenience and welfare of the public/ metro passengers. Facilities inside the metro stations like lifts, escalators, subways etc could also be used by both the public and passengers.
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