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New facility on Facebook: up to 50 can video-chat!


Posted on : 26/Apr/2020 10:52:01 PM

Facebook has introduced a new feature, `Messenger Rooms where up to 50 persons can video-chat - posing strong competition to the Zoom App!

With the prevailing lockdown situation, people being confined to their houses, they have indulged in using the video-call Apps such as zoom and Skype.

However, there were complaints that private info was being stolen and also regarding safety. Subsequently, Google and other companies blocked the usage of the Zoom App.

In this situation, Facebook has now introduced a new feature, Messenger Rooms,

When will it be ready for use?

Facebook users can link up to 50 persons in video-chat. There is no time limit for video-call.   Even those without Facebook account can also join the video-chat!

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, has announced that this facility would be launched in a few countries this week before being launched on a global level.

It may be recalled, a complaint already existing that users info was being stolen in Facebook. On this point, Mark Zuckerberg informed us that learning from the mistakes of the past, this video-facility has been made more carefully and with better safety.

Double the video-calls!

Presently, more than 70 Crores persons have been using Facebook and WhatsApp for video-calls. With the raging coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns, the usage of video-calls has doubled! This has been reported by Facebook.

The privacy aspect has been given the top priority in the feature Messenger Rooms. The user, with the 2 available options - lock & unlock, can select or omit the persons who they want to allow/not allow access to their personal data.

In the case of unlocking mode, a video-call/link can be made with anyone and shared.

The person who creates his own messenger room can start the video-call. They can decide the persons who can join and also they can remove anyone from the list anytime!

Further, the user can complain about those who violate Facebook regulations. However, there should be no audio/video in this complaint. In case they are there, Facebook would not look into that complaint!

Facebook has planned to introduce the facility to access Messenger Rooms through WhatsApp and Instagram. One can join Messenger Room with a cell phone or a computer. Facacebook has informed that there is no need to download anything for this facility!
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