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Amma Two - wheeler plan - can be applied from 20th June - details


Posted on : 20/Jun/2019 17:04:42

The state government of Tamil Nadu has announced that the women interested in getting the subsidy for the 2-wheelers can apply from 20th June to 4th July.

In this regard, The corporation commissioners and the district collectors have released an announcement that interested women can apply for this subsidy from their respective districts.

The notification mentions :

The deadline to avail the subsidy under the Amma 2-wheeler plan; has been extended until 4th July.

Interested women who have not applied so far can apply now in the relevant offices.

Under the Amma 2-wheeler Plan the working women at different levels can avail a subsidy of 50% ( a maximum of Rs. 25000) and the loan for the purchase of 2-wheelers.

Based on the 2-wheelers will be given for the year 2018-19 to the women who work for various organisations at different levels in different places.

Applications for this were being collected throughout Tamil Nadu in this regard from both the urban and rural localities till 31st January.

Presently, for the working women who belong to the backward communities, Ancient tribes, women who have got a poor woman as the earning head of the family, and differently-abled cadre, the deadline to get the 2-wheeler under the Amma 2-wheeler Plan has been extended from 20th June (Thursday today) to 5.00 PM on 4th July.

So, eligible women throughout Tamil Nadu can avail of this benefit.

The applications may be submitted in the nearest Corporation ward office, city administration office, rural/village administration office, Panchayat, or the cooperative office either directly or sent by registered post.

For further information, contact all the local cooperatives, major city and city administrations, and the collectors office.

Gearless/Auto geared 2-wheelers which can be easily operated can be bought under this scheme. The differently-abled women can get a suitable 2-wheeler with added wheels. The women will get a subsidy of 50% of the vehicle price or Rs. 25000 whichever is higher.

For the differently-abled women, t50% or Rs. 31250 whichever is lower will be given as subsidy to buy the required modified vehicle

The beneficiary women can buy their preferred vehicles. For the differently-abled women, the additional subsidy will be given only if they buy vehicles of reretro-fitted category.

Vehicles have to be bought from approved shops either with personal money or the bank loan.  The capacity of the vehicle must not be more than 125 ccs and the vehicle to be registered under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

The vehicle should be of 2018 model or manufactured later and should not be pollution creating model.

The beneficiary must belong to Tamil Nadu and a resident in Tamil Nadu. In the case of applying, the applicant must be in the age group 18-40 and should possess a driving licence. The annual income must exceed Rs. 250000. A proof regarding this must be given.