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Why ackee is important for our health?


Posted on : 05/Dec/2018 09:40:31

An evergreen tree could be found growing in places like Ghana, Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Nigeria etc. This is ackee or ayee or blighia sapida tree and the superb piece of information is this tree could grow to a height of 10 metres with short trunk and a dense crown. The fruit has got the shape of pear and the colour of the fruit turns from green to bright red or orange when it ripens. The fruit would have three huge black seeds covered in yellow flesh and this would be when the fruit has ripened fully. It is said that this fruit is popular due to its taste and due to the nutritional value it provides when consumed.

This ackee fruit does not have saturated fats and has got carbohydrates, proteins, fibres, niacin, sodium, iron, potassium, zinc etc in it. It is obvious that we get many health benefits when we consume this fruit. This fruit is used in making many exotic dishes is known.

These are the various health benefits of ackee

Helps in digestion:

Digestion is very important process and many suffer from digestive issues.  The fibre content of ackee plays an important role in digestion. The peristaltic movement inside the gut is improved by ackee having dietary fibres and fibres add bulk to the food particles and finally help them to move faster. By this bowel movements are regulated and constipation is prevented.

Blood sugar level gets regulated:

The carbohydrate content in ackee fruit does superbly in people with type-2 diabetes. The polysaccharides and carbohydrate content in ackee fruit breaks down to produce energy. The blood sugar levels are controlled well.

Superb for the health of heart:

Health of the heart is very important for us. Intake of ackee fruit could dilate the blood vessels and this could help in easier circulation of blood. Finally the cardiovascular system as well as the heart would function efficiently. It is important to note that the potassium present in ackee fruit is responsible for the above mentioned process. Iron present in ackee fruit plays its role in proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. The elements like potassium and iron together does tremendously in improving blood circulation plus lowering BP etc. The unsaturated fats with low cholesterol in ackee would keep the heart in good shape.

Helps in regeneration of muscles:

It is well known fact that proteins are known as building blocks of cells and tissues etc. Intake of ackee fruit could help in muscle regeneration plus also in the weight loss etc. The proteins in ackee play a huge role in this.

Bones get strengthened:

The various minerals present in ackee fruit like calcium, iron, zinc etc helps in providing strength to the bones plus they play their part in preventing conditions like osteoporosis etc. Hence intake of ackee is essential.

Immune system gets boosted:

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid and zinc plays great role in maintaining a healthy immune system. This ackee fruit is rich in vitamin C and zinc could boost our immune system plus increase the immunity of our body.

Anaemia is avoided:

The issue of anaemia results due to lack of iron is known. Anaemic persons have lightheadedness, weakness etc in them. Iron is present in ackee fruit and intake of this fruit could prevent anaemia in us.

Electrolytic balance is maintained:

The electrolytic balance in us gets disrupted because our body gets dehydrated after doing tough physical activity etc. As a result the sodium and potassium levels in us are disrupted. We could get issues lie cramps etc in us. The contraction and relaxation of our muscles are done by the sodium and potassium respectively and ackee fruit has got both sodium as well as potassium in it.

Treats skin infections:

Issues such as ulcers, abscesses etc could be treated well by using leaves of ackee. Pounding of leaves are done then the product is mixed with salt and applied on the infected area in the skin.