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Pavements renovation on 23 T. Nagar roads

Posted on: 14/Jun/2018 2:31:48 PM
Within the end of the month Chennai Corporation allied with the Bus route roads department expecting the completion of pavement renovation, building walking and cycle-riding zone on the roads of Chennai T. Nagar connecting to Kodambakkam internally. Sixty percent of the process of renovation and new joint formations are completed as of now.

Corporation has executed several renovation process along the areas of N.S.C Bose road, Pantheon Road and Police Commissioners office road. These earlier renovations do not come under the scheme of Smart City Project.

Now the smart city project for civic development body planned to incorporate pavements with no obstructions for walkers using it. It targets to even out the pavements and raising walls around the transformers easing out the pathways. 

One of the senior officials of Chennai Corporation said that the pedestrian pathways are constructed with benches and bollards at strategic positions to completely obstruct the two wheelers using the pavements for quick passing during heavy traffic. Ramps are constructed for the physically challenged people to switch from the roads to the pavement area.

Some of the roads will have a dedicated track for cycles with tiles flouring. Alongside the pathways Chennai Corporation is planning to install closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) for ensuring safety and constant surveillance in these pavements. Provision of ducts for utilities is planned by the civic body in these roads with pavements and cycle tracks.

Moopparappan Street, Raman Street, Parangusapuram Street, Kannadasan Street, Aziz Nagar 2nd Street, Dr. Gopala Menon Street, Lodi Khan Street, Sadullah Street, Guild Street and Sarojini Street are the prominent roads in which the pavement renovations are in the final phases of construction.

The project is carried on with a total budget of Rs 14.53 Crore and the official reports confirms June-end as a mark on completion for the renovation under the smart city project of Chennai.

The roads with residential and commercial locality are renovated in a way with one side of the roads for parking. One of the officials of the smart city project told the pavement expansion project on such a road would complement the Pondy Bazaar Pedestrian Plaza of commercial zone.

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