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Immovable asset registration: new procedures to check old documents

Posted on: 14/Jun/2018 12:58:31 PM
The Inspector General of the state government Registration Department has released orders to implement the new procedures regarding the checking of the old related documents of an immovable asset during registration. 

It is mandatory to check all the related old documents during the registration of an immovable asset in order to prevent any illegal or criminal activities, The circular regarding this was sent on 7th June.

While implementing the new procedure, complaints were received that some registrars had obtained the original document of the old registration and kept them. In this regard, the latest order has been released by the Inspector General Kumaragurubaran.

The officials who check the earlier original documents regarding registration must scan them and then return them immediately to the applicant.

In case the original documents have been mortgaged with the banks or lending agencies, it is sufficient if a relevant letter forms the concerned that the original documents are with them mentioning the details of the registration number, etc.

In case of purchase of a flat in multi-storeyed building, it is sufficient to thoroughly verify the original document of the sale deed of the first flat of the apartments.

It is not mandatory to ask for the previous original document records depending on the documents given by government departments or organization such as the Housing Development Corporation, etc.

The 1st page of the laminated original documents must be scanned and this must be attached to the registration document.

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