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J Senthil Murugan at Junior Chamber International - JCI, NTTTS 2018

Posted on: 09/May/2018 1:15:37 PM
J Senthil Murugan participated in the event NTTS 2018, National Train the Trainer Seminar, conducted by JCI- Junior Chamber International. JCI is a federation of Entrepreneurs forming multiple Zonal sessions and meeting in building leadership, empowering people acting as a voluntary NGO.

Mr. Senthil Murugan thanked all the active members of JCI seminar program, JCI Vellore Dynamic and JCI Ranipet Power city for the encouragement and inspiration he received in the earlier stages of the contributing the organization.

NTTS 18 is an advanced workshop for the JCI members to be a national level trainer to encourage leadership and confidence in graduates all over the country and also transforming mindset in accordance with starting small and medium scale business excelling in respective fields.

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